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About Michael Lockwood

michael lockwood lisa marie presleyMichael Dean Lockwood is an American guitarist and producer, a native of Hawthorne, CA.  (Home of the Beach Boys, Emitt Rhodes & Redd Kross).  His formative years were spent in Bakersfield, CA. (Home of Buck Owens, Merle Haggard & Mosrite Guitars).

Best known for his work as Lisa Marie Presley's Musical Director/guitarist,  as well as producer/guitarist for Aimee Mann.

He has worked with Carly Simon, Fiona Apple, Bijou Phillips, Alana Davis, Ben Taylor, Leona Naess, Susanna Hoffs and Michael Penn. 

lockwood presley twinsIn 1985 Michael Lockwood joined the already established but yet unsigned Hollywood group Lions & Ghosts. They were later signed to EMI America Records and recorded their first album in London. They disbanded in 1989 after a second record was released and several members had changed. He formed a local Power pop band Wink with Michael Marquesen & Brian Keats.

He married Lisa Marie Presley in a small ceremony in Kyoto, and he is the proud father of two beautiful twin girls.

Read about project's he's worked on in Michael's Road Map 

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