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RockCellar Interview with Lisa Marie Presley

rock cellar lmp interviewOrganic Music and a Simple Life

Though her father remains the reigning king of rock and roll, Lisa Marie Presley hasn't forgotten her Southern folk roots.

"Nothing was planned or contrived in any way and out of it came a very organic record that was always inside of me," Presley says of Storm and Grace, her first album in 7 years. "It's this bluesy-folksy record I'm incredibly proud to have made."

 Produced by 12-time Grammy winner T-Bone Burnett, the Americana-tinged Storm and Grace marks a departure from the hard rock sound of Presley's previous albums, To Whom it May Concern (2003) and Now What (2005).

 Lisa Marie Presley wrapped up a ten date tour this past month with a show at Carnegie Hall in New York City, and performed to packed houses in Nashville, New Jersey, and Ontario, Canada.

The Independent: Storm & Grace Review

independentHaving a celebrity parent, history suggests, can be a terrible burden to bear – not least since nowadays, the popstar offspring that eschews showbiz in favour of a "proper" job is a rarity. And as celebs go, they don't come much bigger than Elvis, not so much a star as a figure of mythic proportions, his earthly domain preserved in all its kitsch glory like an outsize reliquary of postwar American aspiration.

Elvis's daughter Lisa Marie Presley serves up chips in Rotherfield

this is sussexTHE next time you buy a bag of chips in Rotherfield you might want to take a closer look at who is serving you.

Lisa Marie Presley has been wrapping people's chips under the hood of a fish and chip van in the village.

Elvis' daughter, 44, and her guitarist husband Michael Lockwood, have embraced getting involved with local life since moving to Rotherfield two years ago.

Her secret fish and chip role delighted her friends, Kim and Justin Scales, who run the business.

Mrs Scales, also landlady of the King's Arms, said the singer could not wait to don an apron to serve people.

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