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LMP Talks New Album and Elvis Hologram

On her father in 3D: 'There's nothing in the works at the moment'

rolling stnoes july 2012 lisa marie

rolling stoneLisa Marie Presley brought the tour for her recently released album, Storm & Grace, to her hometown of Los Angeles last week, delivering a confident set for a sold-out crowd at the Roxy Theatre. "It's more nerve-racking for me because mostly it's family, friends, industry, label," she tells Rolling Stone. "It's easier to play for a room full of people you don't know, for me at least. Playing for my family and people I know, I can feel what they're thinking and it throws me off."

Lisa Marie Presley in Philadelphia gives winning performance in a can't-win situation

lmp ny 2012 390 2wLisa Marie Presley having a music career is a can’t-win situation. Even if she’s good – as she was Monday in kicking off her first tour in more than five years at Philadelphia’s World Café Live – the standard against which she’s measured is her father, Elvis, the King of Rock and Roll.

The audience was dancing, too. 
And can’t-win be damned, it was a winner.

Of course, that’s not fair. Presley gave no reason for the comparison in a way-too-short 45-minute show.Her stage presence was anything but bombastic – rather, it was muted, with her face often cast downward and her voice sometimes too muted.

Lisa Marie Presley Gets Her Stage Legs Back

lmp ny 2012 390wYou wouldn't think the casual confines of the World Cafe Live could cause any trepidation for someone who is double musical royalty. But when Lisa Marie Presley, daughter of Elvis and onetime wife of Michael Jackson, took the stage at the Walnut Street club Monday night, she was tight as a crossbow. It was only after she and her band worked through "So Long," a swampy jump with Doug Pettibone's mandolin discordantly riffing against the tide, and the crowd began to cheer, that you could see relief flood Presley's face. "It's been seven years," she said. "You have to give me a minute. I have to get my stage legs back."

Lisa Marie Presley rocks the house

lmp grammercy june 2012...at New York City concert

Lisa Marie Presley and her five-man band rocked the house last night (June 14, 2012) at Gramercy Theatre in New York City. Presley is currently on a mini-tour of the U.S. which she hopes will be followed by a major tour in the Fall, she told the audience. Dressed in an eye-catching red blazer and a long black skirt, the 44-year-old Presley seemed to be relaxed and at-ease as she belted out songs from her latest album, Storm and Grace.

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